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Massage is a natural therapy which has been in use since the origin of mankind, maintaining both the physical and psychological, providing and supporting wellbeing.

Working on many levels, it is the principal method of treating most soft tissue (muscle, tendon and ligament) problems. It uniquely combines various benefits to suit the individual which makes it such a versatile and effective treatment.

Benefits of Massage

- Improves general circulation and lymphatic flow

- Removes toxins under skin and improving the appearance of cellulite

- Improves flexibility

- Breakdown of scar tissue on injuries in the body to:
  lessen pain,
  improve recovery times
  Improve chances of injury reoccurrence

Sport and Remedial Massage

Bio Sculpture GelIn over 10 years of experience, I have seen many patients with problems that have not been improved by other courses of therapy such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic and even surgery! In many of these cases, massage has quickly and effectively resolved the problem proving it is often the best treatment.

Massage can treat the majority of minor injuries which is the most common problem effecting the muscular body which can be extremely painful effecting occupation, sport or quality of life.

Massage can be used to help prevent injury, by maintaining the bodies wellbeing, for sports, posture problems, regular long distance driving and other forms of stress on the body such as office work.

Injuries and common complaints treated successfully by regular massage






Lumbago and other back problems


Joint aches, pains and flexibility


Frozen shoulder


General sports injuries


Stiff necks


Tennis elbow


Rehabilitation from most injuries and surgeries


And many more

Don't wait for these problems to occur before you experience the benefits of massage. These can be prevented by regular massage to keep your body in prime physical condition.

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